Our Mission

Klean Kulture is a home and commercial cleaning business that consistently strives to improve our already high standards, always leaving you with results nothing short of an amazing, first-class cleaning experience. Contact Us

Our Vision

Our desire and goal is simple; to become the absolute best and lead the cleaning industry, making us your first choice for all of your cleaning needs. Contact us


Brandy Wills

Owner & Operator

about us

Brandy & Klean Kulture Bio

Brandy is the Owner/Operator of Klean Kulture, a cleaning business that she built from the ground up. Before creating her business, Brandy has spent much of her life tackling the “I don’t think I cans” of life.

Dedicated to her family and business, Brandy, without hesitation, admits her children and Klean Kulture are her greatest and most valuable accomplishments that make her far more successful and rich in life than she ever thought possible.

Brandy has a consistent desire, driving and motivating her to push through and stomp any fears or obstacles in her path. After staring at an 18-wheeler Semi Truck one day and thinking “I could never ever operate one of those things”, she decided to “take the wheel” so to speak and earn her Commercial Driver’s License, graduating as the only female in her class and with the highest scores in almost every component of the course. This was unlike any position she’d ever held before and something that seemed impossible. So, she mastered it. She did much of the same thing with creating Klean Kulture – With 20 + years of cleaning experience, she dove head first into mastering a system built around her experience, building a successful business out of it.

“There is no cap on potential”

There is no one more qualified or trustworthy to choose for your home and office cleaning needs. Brandy takes great pride in cleaning and organizing as a way of life and from that built a cleaning business unlike the rest.

What sets Klean Kulture apart from the rest of the many cleaning companies out there to choose from?
Of course, we all know cleaning gets rid of bacteria, germs and viruses making way for healthier living. Along with that, comes reducing allergies, asthma symptoms and keeps pests away. While KK will come into your space and create a sparkling, airy and clean environment, catering to your essential and deep cleaning needs, oftentimes bringing about true beneficial change to your spaces, they do far more.

The goal and main theory behind Klean Kulture is to create an environment for people to relax and enjoy their space amongst their busy lives, leaving more energy for the things they love doing but so often don’t have time for, like having fun and spending more time with their family and friends and having the time to take care of “you.” They don’t just want to clean your space, they want to lower your stress levels, boost your mood, create a sense of tranquility and calm that organically manifests peace. If we view our living spaces as an extension of ourselves, we can then infer that maintaining a clean environment will contribute to our sense of inner peace, happiness and contentment.

A study published in a scientific journal personality and social psychology bulletin states that messy, cluttered living spaces are more likely to lead to depression, fatigue and high levels of the stress hormone, cortisol.

If you’re thinking about hiring a professional cleaner for your home or office; calling Klean Kulture might be the one of the best decisions you’ll make.

“Clean Home, Clear Mind”